Mechanical equipment is expendable, and the extracting equipment is no exception. That how to properly maintain the extracting equipment and extend its service life is crucial:

1. During the operation of the equipment, check the operation of the equipment parts and wear degree often. Once there is excessive wear and consumption, the operator should change the part in time to avoid more serious consequences and loss.
2. The running of some processes is in absolute vacuum state, so the operator should check the sealing of the sealing element to solve the problems in time.
3. If there is equipment malfunctions in the operation and can not work normally, the operator should stop the machine and check in time, troubleshooting timely and make safety checks to the equipment before starting the production again.
4. Cleaning the dirt on the equipment regularly every 30 to 40 days, and the maintenance of the condenser need to be made twice a year and cleaning each year.
5. The lubrication components of extracting equipment need to be oiled often to avoid the wear.
6. Check the instrument and meter regularly to insure the normal operation.
7. The workshop of oil extracting equipment should be clean, thus regular cleaning should be made and the instrument shall not be piled up with dust or dirt.

The maintenance of extracting equipment is an essential part of daily work arrangement of every enterprise, also the indispensable work requires of the operator everyday. Correct maintenance is the premise to extend the service life of extracting equipment, which can bring you with more benefits as well.

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